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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Little Free Libraries

Have you heard of the Little Free Libraries?

It's an organization that its 'members' have a little kiosk sort of thing in their yard, near their workplace or school, etc filled with books to give away - on the 'take one, leave one' philosophy.

When we pulled into the Hastings, MN Airbnb our friends were staying at, I saw this at the end of the driveway.

A Little Free Library!!

This one had only a few books.  But I thought it was rather cute, don't you?

I hadn't planned a book swap but I had a couple books I'd just finished... including one written by a FB friend of mine.  I think that Vicki would like that her book was passed on.

And these are the two books that I took for my swap.

OK, so now I was excited.  I got on the web site and found they have a map of where every Little Free Library is located.

This one is in Ottawa, MN.  

When we made it down to Austin, MN I made a run to the ReStore there.  They have great books for only .25c each.  I bought a bunch so I was ready...

Austin, MN #1

Is that not the cutest little house/church?

Austin, MN #2

Floyd, IO.  Two levels!

That one took some serious picking thru.

Elkhart, IO.  
Got to talk to the owner of this one.

Hanna City, IL

This big one is outside of an elementary school.

Found a few books for the kids here.

LeRoy, IL...
My final Little Free Library of the trip.

I am completely addicted.  I've discovered several in the area here at home and have a bag of nice books that stay in the car so I can swap when I find the opportunity.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Looking for a Christmas Parade...

Hmmmm... this year's Clarksville Christmas parade made me feel a bit like Charlie Brown.  It was just too commercial... 'doesn't anyone know what Christmas is all about'?

But there were some nice floats, the 101st Air Borne band was awesome, and a bit of some old fashioned holiday was to be found.

However, next year we're going to see if we can find a small town parade... or two.  Something without a trash hauler truck with one string of lights or a 'zombie hunters' float.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bonsai Eye Candy

My bonsai club had a small show late this last summer and there were some really beautiful entries.  I have nothing far enough along to show (and won't for several years).

Here's a few of my favorite trees from that day.

A crepe myrtle.

Black pine (I think).


Maple (not all bonsai are tiny).

Eastern Red Cedar

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Almost A Half Million Poinsettias!

This invite popped up on my FaceBook page and sounded like a lot of fun.  I enjoy tours and seeing how things are done.

We were greeted by building after building of greenhouses as we drove in.

We were guided to a parking spot and entered a large greenhouse set up for the occasion.  The family who owns it is Dutch and we were invited to share hospitality that included a selection of Dutch cookies and candies.

They had an area set up as a photo booth.  They took the picture and one could retrieve it from their FaceBook page.

Look at all of those poinsettias.  There are 23 ACRES of poinsettias growing in greenhouses!

They grew 450,000 plants.  Each and every pot is individually watered.

There must have been 100 pallets of every sort of pot you could possibly imagine.

A few close-ups:

Amazing, aren't they?

They had a viewers choice contest to see which variety would be added to their collection  for 2018.

So, which one would you pick?

My choice.

Himself's choice.

Mine came in first and his was second!

As you left, each visitor was given a little poinsettia to take home.  A very nice gift.